State of Rob 2 weeks later

So two weeks ago I posted one of the hardest posts I have ever posted. I have never let anyone or anything see my thoughts or my fears the way I let that post go. And I let a lot off of my chest. So what has happened since then? Well first I believe the way I have been living day to day is much improved. As you may have noticed if you follow me, I have been in God’s Word much more than I have been in a long time. Am I perfect with it? By no means. But I am trying to pray more and read much more than I have.

Things in my life have been looking much better. As I siad a couple weeks ago I have been thinking about looking into schooling to become a personal trainer.  I contacted Branford Hall to get information about the NASM certificate. NASM stands for National Academy of Sports Medicine. I was talking to a very good friend of mine about becoming a personal trainer. He is a very high manager at WOW Fitness. After talking to several personal trainers at WOW, they all said the best certificate to go for is the NASM certificate. One thing that was really awesome was when talking to Rich he told me, “I think you would be good at it. You have worked out for a while now and you know what you are doing.” That means a lot coming from someone who has been in the business for a long time.

Another thing that came up with Rich is obviously as a personal trainer you have to look the part. I know that at this present time, I do not look the part. However I can look at it from two ways. I can look at it as a obstacle. Or I can look at it as opportunity. One of my jobs as a personal trainer would be to help people who are over weight, to lose that weight and get in better shape. What better way to show that I know what I am doing by being someone who is overweight, and then loses all that weight. That would be the best thing to show my clients. To be my very own success story.

Back to Branford Hall. Last week, an advisor called me because I requested information on their NASM program. I have not called back yet because I was trying to get in contact with my grandmother, who I tend to go to for advice on certain things. I wanted to bounce ideas to ensure that I ask the right questions and I am best prepared for when I call the advisor back.

I will be completely honest. I am scared to death to call her back. There are going to be some major obstacles to overcome in order for me to go back to school. I have not been in school in twelve plus years. Being away so long and being back in a class room is going to be very tough. Last time I went to college, it didn’t go very well. Part of that was my maturity. I handled it very poorly. But I was also eighteen years old when I was going to Central.

Another huge obstacle for me is financially. How am I going to pay for this? Will I be able to secure enough grants? Will I be able to get a loan to pay for what the grants do not cover? I have very poor credit. I have never been wise with my money. It’s pretty much going to take a act of God to secure the finances for this. This is something I can use a lot of prayer on.

Plus I am not completely sure how being on unemployment will affect anything. Will it cause my unemployment to drop or worse lose it? I have heard both it could go up or I could lose it. For a long time I was under the impression that if I go to school while unemployment, I can lose my unemployment. I never though that made any sense at all. That is a call that I will be making very soon.

One of the things I talked about was the fact that I have been very lonely. How I have given up on my love life. I have made a decision that I am taking a break from it. I need to work on fixing me before I will be going after anyone. I want to be the best man that I can be for whoever my future wife will be. And thats going to take some work. I have already started by getting back into God’s Word. Also by looking to improve my career. By putting God first in my life. Once I get those things in place, more so God being number one, I think that I will then meet someone. And if not, then so be it. I am not going to dwell on it anymore. I am not gong to feel sorry for myself. I’m not going to torture myself with that.

For a week or so I did a reading plan from youversion on courage. For a long time I didn’t feel very courageous and I really needed that. The readings constantly talked about being strong and courageous in all that we do. Also hit on that if we do the work that God places before us, we will be rewarded. It shouldn’t really be about wanting to receive awards, though they are nice. It should be about doing the things God asks us to do. About being the man that God asks me to be. I have no doubt in my mind that after this reading plan, I am more so the man that God wants me to be.

For the first time in well over a year, I took a Sunday off from setting up, running pro presenter, and tearing down. All morning I was very fidgety  because I didn’t know what to do with myself.  However what I am learning is that I need to give myself more weeks off. Not because I deserve to take weeks off. But to give other people more opportunities to serve. It has been said that a leader is not judged by the work that he does, but by the team he builds around him and the job they do when the leader is not there. I haven’t done the best job at building a team around me. I have great people on the production team. We have great people that help set up and tear down. But does set up, tear down, and pro presenter go as easy as it should without me there. Judging by today it does for the most part. There are still a few things I need to train more people on. And that is my next goal for the set up and production teams. I need to be able to give me and Ed more weeks off. Ed does a lot himself. My goal is to have teams setup that has the people that setup are not the same people that tear down. The people that run the productions, don’t setup or tear down the weeks they are running their particular equipment.

I love the heart of the people on these teams. They will do anything they are asked to do to make sure that Jesus’ name is made famous. And I love that about them. However, I don’t want any of them being burnt out. A lot of them, just like me, have only missed a handful of weeks setting up and tearing down. But also I want to be able to give more people the opportunity to serve. Is this a gola that will be achieved soon? Probably not. However it is a long term goal I would like to see achieved sooner rather than later.

That is mostly everything I have on my mind right now. I think I am going to try and post one of these “State of Rob” posts more often. Some of them will be whine sessions like the last one I did. Some will be more of a update of things going on in my life like this one. Most will be more like this. This is going to be a lot like my very own therapy sessions. It allows me to get a lot of things off my chest that I tend to hold in. Perhaps by doing these more of these, everything won’t build up as much as it did as last time. I do still need prayer and I really appreciate it from everyone who does. I look forward to share more of my life and my journey to the next step in my life.


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